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2019-2020 Columbia County Charter Review Commission

Vote yes The 2019-2020 Columbia County Charter Review Commission proposes four amendments to the County Charter. Each proposal is found on the fourth page of the 2020 General Election ballot. Please support these initiatives to help improve transparency and accountability in County government.

The four amendments are explained below:

2020-14: Department Head Right to Appeal
Will reduce political influence over the County Manager’s hiring and firing of county employees.

(PDF) Read the ordinance

2020-15: County Manager Review
Will create a more specific process for the annual review of the County Manager.

(PDF) Read the ordinance

2020-16: Code of Ethics
Will require the County to have a local ethics code and give citizens the right to file complaints right here in Columbia County.

(PDF) Read the ordinance

2020-17: Year-end Funds
Will end the spending of year-end money on projects that were not part of that year’s budget and will require money to move to the next budget year.

(PDF) Read the ordinance


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(PDF) 2021 Revised Home Rule Charter

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