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About the Risk Management Department

The Columbia County Board of County Commissioners established the Department of Safety in 1992. The Board adopted policy and procedures for the Safety Program in 1993. With this, came a commitment by the Board to have safety in the workplace for all employees a top priority. The commitment and awareness by the Board has had a positive effect on all employees and has drastically reduced workplace accidents. The Safety Director reports directly to the County Manager.

The Board also created a Drug Free Workplace Policy that was revised in 2005 that has guidelines for random drug testing and Commercial Drivers License (CDL) random drug testing. CDL random drug testing is conducted quarterly and random drug testing is conducted either annually or whenever the County Manager deems it necessary. Drug tests are conducted on all employees post accident. The director has the overall responsibility of the safety program as prescribed by the policies set forth by the County Commissioners. The Safety Director has the authority to administer the policy and program working through the various lines of management in the County.

This department also conducts facility inspections for all County buildings and recommends corrective or preventive measures. The Safety Director investigates an accident that requires medical attention as soon as possible. An accident that does not require medical attention is also investigated and a report is placed in employee safety file. These reports are compiled to study frequency of accidents.

This department supervises the procurement and distribution of personal protective equipment and other safety devices. This department oversees all training that is required by OSHA, County policies and any training that employees request. This Department assists in job placement of employees able to return to work after serious or disabling injuries.

A safety manual is issued to all newly hired employees.

(PDF) View the safety manual

(PDF) Get a copy of the accident-incident claim form

Incident Claim Form