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Why do I need an E911 address?

Primarily, to assist emergency services in responding to emergency calls. An E911 address helps emergency services to locate residents and business locations. A faster response time can make a significant difference in survival and degree of recovery. However, location addresses are also often required for telephone service, building permits, driver's license renewal, mail and package delivery to the location, insurance and for other purposes requiring a site location.

What is an E911 address?

An E911 address is a site location address. An E911 Address is assigned within Columbia County using a Frontage Interval Addressing System. The Frontage Interval System is based on the measurement of the intervals between the beginning of the roadway and the structures, or their access points, along the roadway. The interval used is 10.56 feet. This provides for a possibility of 100 numbers for ever 1/10th mile and 1000 number for every mile of roadway. The numbering of the roadway starts at 100, therefore if the address is 200 the location is 1/10th mile from the start of the roadway and if the address is 1100 the location is 1 mile from the start of the roadway.

Ensure your telephone service provider has your correct E911 Address!

People placing emergency calls often have difficulty providing their addresses. Children, visitors, hearing or speech impaired callers, or callers in a life-threatening situation, may not be able to provide address information to dispatchers. Ensuring your telephone company has your correct E911 address is important as that is the information (E911 address) that is displayed in the call center. This allows the dispatchers to send the appropriate fire, medical personnel, or law enforcement, even if the caller is unable to communicate.


To assist emergency services, post you house numbers at the entrance to your driveway and on the structure. Numbers need to be visible from the road and should be 3 inches high x 1 inche wide for residential, 6 inches high for apartment building, and 10 inches high for industrial and commercial structures. To obtain your E911 address have your 18 digit Parcel Identification Number, off your Tax Bill or Contact the Property Appraisers Office at 386-758-1083 to obtain the Parcel Number. Please refer to County Ordinance 102-195 to learn more about the county standards for address numbering.