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About the Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is tasked with building and maintaining the County's roads, including their storm water drainage systems.

We are here to provide the best service possible to the citizens of Columbia County by assuring the roads and right-of-ways within the County road system are maintained in a proficient, timely manner and are kept safe for the public.

The Columbia County Public Works Department constructs and oversees road construction contracts, maintains roads and bridges, repairs vehicles and heavy equipment.

Road and Bridge Maintenance

  1. Services provided
    1. Drainage, Mowing, Grading and Trim of Right-of-way
  2. Grading schedule
    1. Provided by District, with a two-week rotating cycle.
  3. Listing of County Maintained Roads

Transportation Improvement

The existing paved roads will require reconditioning or resurfacing during their life, generally every 5 to 20 years.The frequency is primarily dependent on age, type of surface, traffic volume, subsurface drainage, and volume of trucks.


Download the Utility Permit (PDF).

Engineering - County Roads

  1. Culvert Inspections - View Resolution Number 2000R-9 (PDF)
  2. Speed Humps - View Ordinance Number 2000-1 (PDF)

Traffic Maintenance

  1. The Sign Shop is responsible for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of traffic related signing roads and subdivisions under County jurisdiction. These include:
    1. Regulatory signs (white rectangular)
    2. Warning signs (yellow diamond)
    3. Private Road Identification (blue designation)
    4. County Maintained Identification (green and white street signs)
  2. Other responsibilities of the Sign Shop include:
    1. Limited painting of pavement markings
    2. Response to citizens questions and concerns
    3. Maintenance of Traffic Signals within the County

Fleet Management

  1. Columbia County Public Works Mechanic Shop ensures that the County fleet is operated and maintained in a cost efficient manner.
    1. Reduce equipment downtime and increase availability.
    2. Reduce equipment idle time and increase utilization.

Private Road Assessment Program

Columbia County offers the Private Road Assessment Program to assist residents of private roads with upgrading/maintaining these roads. Columbia County Ordinance No. 2000-2 addresses the procedures for the program. Questions concerning the program and/or a copy of the Ordinance can be obtained by contacting Chad Williams at (386) 758-1019.

2000-2 Private Road Assessment Program Ordinance (PDF) 2014-04 Private Road Assessment Program Ordinance (PDF) Petition for Private Road Maintenance (PDF)


Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ)

  1. Q: What number do I call to ask for road maintenance?

    Call the Public Works Department at 386-758-1019 for County Roads; for State roads call the Fl DOT maintenance office at (386) 758-3700; for City roads call the City of Lake City at (386) 758-5400.

  2. Q: Who do I call for drainage problems?

    Call the Public Works Department at 758-1019 for County roads; for State roads call the Fl DOT at (386) 752-3300; for City roads call the City of Lake City at (386) 758-5400.

  3. Q: Who do I call to get an initial driveway inspection?

    Call Building and Zoning at (386) 758-1008 for County roads: for State roads call the Fl DOT at (386) 752-3300; for City roads call the City of Lake City at (386) 758-5400.

  4. Q: Who do I call to get survey work done on my property?

    Please call any of the local private land surveyors. Their phone numbers are available in the local phone directory.

  5. Q: Who do I call to get solid waste pick-up information?

    Call the Winfield Solid Waste Facility at (386) 752-6050.

  6. Q: Who do I call about dead tree removal within County right-of-way?

    Call the Public Works Department at 386-758-1019

  7. Q: Who do I call after regular business hours to report emergency situations such as road hazards (i.e. road spills, fallen trees across roads, road washouts, etc)?

    Call the Public Works on-call number at (386) 365-2918.

    During times of emergency the Public Works Department works in assisting the residents of Columbia County. We work closely with other governing agencies during disaster assistance, clearing roadways from debris, water, etc. for safe passage.

    We rely on the public to assist us in the notification of road hazards or maintenance problems. Upon calling the office, the concern is investigated and evaluated for corrective actions.