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About the Purchasing Department

The Columbia County Purchasing Department ensures compliance with County Purchasing Policies and Florida Statutes. It also assists Department Heads and Staff in procurement, purchasing procedures, and interpreting and adhering to policies. This department prepares bid documents for sealed bids, maintains standard documents, provides information to Bidders, and opens and tabulates sealed bids.

The Columbia County Purchasing Department is interested in fostering participation by all qualified businesspersons offering commodities and services that may be used by the County.

Columbia County Government is comprised of a number of agencies, managed by publicly elected officials. All agencies are at liberty to utilize the Board of County Commissioners Purchasing Department. These agencies shown below maintain an independent purchasing function:

How do I get on the vendors list?

It is the intent of the Board to provide all vendors, with the exception of those on the State Department of Management Services Convicted Vendor List, with a fair and impartial opportunity in which to compete for the County's business.

Any business enterprise desiring to be listed on the County's Bidder's List may do so by providing sufficient information as listed below to the Purchasing Department.

The bidders mailing list is updated by submitting a request to be added to the bid list for future and upcoming bids. Columbia County requests that the vendor provide the name of the firm, type of commodity or service, contact person, address, phone and facsimile number, email address, and any other pertinent information. Vendors may register online here

It is the responsibility of the vendor to keep current the name and email address of the firm.

How do I know when something comes up for bid?

There are three ways to ensure you know what is being bid, as well as the date and time of the bid closing.

  1. Formal written bids in any amount that exceeds $25,000.00 in value are published in the Lake City Reporter Classified Section. These requirements will be found under the heading "legal".
  2. You are invited to come to the Purchasing Division between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM, Monday through Friday, to view the bids, which are being let. At that time, you may request a bid package for any open bid for which you feel confident that your firm may offer competitive bids, as well as leave any information on your company's product line for commodities, services or construction. The County reserves the right to charge fees for bid packages depending on the cost of producing the package.
  3. All bids will be advertised on the Purchasing Department's Web Page Visit the current bid projects page

When and where are bids opened?

Bids are publicly opened on the advertised date, time shown on the bid sheet and newspaper advertisement, in the conference room of the Board of County Commissioners Office located at 135 NE Hernando Ave Room 203, Lake City, FL 32055 (unless otherwise advertised).

How do I get a copy of the Columbia County Purchasing Policy

Columbia County's Purchasing Policy may be downloaded here. View the Purchasing Policies & Procedures (PDF).
Download the Purchasing Policy for Federal Projects (PDF) here.

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