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Columbia County Facility Maintenance

Responsibilities of the Facility Management Department

The Columbia County Commissioners combined the Columbia County Maintenance Department and the Special Projects Department and created the Facility Management Department.

The Columbia County Facility Management Department is responsible for all repairs and maintenance of all county buildings, building projects as seen fit, remodeling buildings, janitorial on some buildings changing HVAC filters on all buildings we also have daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. We keep and maintain records on the departments trucks, tools, and buildings. The buildings we clean are on a schedule.

The list of buildings we maintain are:
1. Springville Community Center
2. Winfield Community Center
3. Deep Creek Community Center
4. Deep Creek Fire Department
5. Suwannee Valley Fire Department
6. Columbia County Detention Center
7. Main Library
8. Richardson Community Center
9. Courthouse
10. Courthouse Annex
11. Lulu Community Center
12. lulu Fire Department
13. Sheriff's Administration Building
14. Watertown Maintenance Shop
15. Watertown Carpenter Shop
16. Clerk of Court Building @ Watertown
17. Supervisor of Election Building @ Watertown
18. EMS Station #1
19. EMS Station #2
20. Fire Station #40
21. 911 Emergency Center
22. West library
23. Sister's Welcome Road (Task Force)
24. Fire Station #43
25. Montgomery Building
26. Mason City Community Center
27. Ellisville Fire Department
28. Public Works Department Building
29. Fire Station #48
30. Ft. White Community Center
31. Ft. White Fire Department
32. Landfill Office
33. landfill Repair Shop
34. Columbia City Fire Department Station #44
35. Alligator Lake Office/Shop
36. County extension Office Building
37. Ft. White Portable/
38. Sheriff's Office #2 Ft. White
39. All Buildings @ Southside Ball Park