Landscaping Department Welcome to Columbia County Online!

The Landscaping department is responsible for the following:

Assists in planning and developing county parks and recreation areas.

Manages new landscape and irrigation installation at county facilities.

Related information can be found by visiting the Parks & Recreation page by clicking here.


The Columbia County Board of County Commissioners contracts to mow and remove debris from 492 miles of county roads. There are five mowing cycles in a year (each lasting forty-eight days) beginning April 1st and ending November 30th. Contractors are prohibited from mowing phlox (wild flowers) during their blooming season.

Mowing price is $68.95 per mile. Roadside litter is $65.25 per mile and special mowing is $189.00 per acre. The total annual price $330,130.00. The total price for special mowing is $43,805.00. The Department of Safety oversees and monitors the mowing and debris removal contractors.

Clint Pittman

Phone: (386) 719-7545

Fax: (386)719-7544

Email: Clint Pittman

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