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Columbia County, FL | Landscaping Department

Landscaping Department

The Landscaping Department assists in planning and developing county parks and recreation areas as well as managing new landscape and irrigation installation at county facilities. Related information can be found by visiting the Parks & Recreation page by clicking here.

Contractual Mowing & Debris Removal

The Columbia County Board of County Commissioners contracts to mow and remove debris from 492 miles of county roads. There are five mowing cycles in a year (each lasting forty-eight days) beginning April 1st and ending November 30th. Contractors are prohibited from mowing phlox (wild flowers) during their blooming season.

Mowing price is $68.95 per mile. Roadside litter is $65.25 per mile and special mowing is $189.00 per acre. The total annual price $330,130.00. The total price for special mowing is $43,805.00. The Department of Safety oversees and monitors the mowing and debris removal contractors.