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Columbia County, FL |  Building & Zoning

Important Information (Hot Topics)

Changes Beginning Jan 1st

Minimum Building Permit Fee - $75.00 (Re-roof, A/C permits, Window replacement and etc.)

Plan Review Fee

Minimum Plan Review Fee - $75.00 Calculated at 25% of the Building Permit Fee (Example: on a 2000sq ft House the Plan Review Fee is $150.00)

Revisions After Permitted

$30.00 Fee

County Specialty Subcontractor Competency Cards are no longer issued.

Mason, Concrete Finisher, Painting, Insulation, Drywall, Plaster, Stucco, Glass, Garage Door Installer, Floor Covering, Ceramic Tile, Cabinet Installer, Acoustical Ceiling, Framing, Metal Building Erector. (Not to include State Registered Contractors.)

We now go by Dept. Business & Professional Regulations State Law for construction licensing in all trades.

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Search, Print, Export and Map Records

*All Building permits from 2003 are shown through this search. We only retain residential paper records for 10 Years.
Building Permits & Certificates (w/ Mapping) folder Contractors
Culvert Permits (w/ Mapping) stats report Statistics for Issued Building Permits
Land Development Regulations folder (NEW!) Property Map Explorer
Elevation Certificates (w/ Mapping)

* Google Earth is required to read the maps produced from the site searches and can be downloaded for free at

Download Documents

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Addition or Remodel Permit Application (Dec 2016 Fillable).pdf
Electrical Service Upgrade or Change (July 2015 Fillable).pdf
Existing Air Conditioning Permit Application (July 2015 Fillable).pdf
Mobile Home Permit Application (Oct 2015).pdf
New Commercial Construction Application (Dec 2016) Fillable.pdf
New Residential Construction Application (Dec 2016) Fillable.pdf
Owner Builders Additional Forms (July 2015).pdf
Re Roof Permit Application (Dec 2016 Fillable).pdf
Sign Application (Dec 2016) Fillable.pdf
Swimming Pool and Spa Permit Application (Dec 2016) Fillable.pdf


64E-6.008, Florida Administrative Code.pdf
Concurrency Worksheet (July 2015).xlsx

Contractor License

Certified Contractor Application.pdf
DBPR License Requirements and Exemptions.pdf
Registered Contractor Application.pdf


911 Address Application.pdf
Commercial Blueprints Checklist July 2015 (Fillable).pdf
Contractor Letter of Authorization.pdf
Florida's Construction Lien Law.pdf
In County Pre-Mobile Home Inspection form (July 2015).pdf
Land Owner Affidavit 2015.pdf
MH Subcontractors Form (July 2015).pdf
Mobile Home Installers Authorization - Agent.pdf
Mobile Home Installers Authorization - Owner.pdf
Notice of Commencement (July 2015 Fillable).pdf
Out of County Pre-Mobile Home Inspetion form (July 2015).pdf
Owner Builder Disclosure Statement (July 2015).pdf
Product Approval Form July 2015 (Fillable).pdf
Re-Roof Inspection Affidavit (July 2015).pdf
Residential Checklist Dec (2016 Fillable).pdf
Site Plan Checklist and Example (July 2015).pdf
Subcontractors Form (Dec 2016) Fillable.pdf
Swimming Pool Site Plan Example (July 2015).pdf

Fee Schedules

Building Fee Schedule (Dec 2016).pdf
Columbia County land use, zoning, and subdivision, schedule of fees and charges.pdf
Contractors Fee Scedule (Dec 2016).pdf

FEMA Publications

2013 County Audit.pdf
About the Mandatory Purchase of Flood Insurance.pdf
Answers to Questions About the National Flood Insurance Program, F-084 (2011).pdf
Check before you buy.pdf
Coastal Construction Manuel, FEMA P-55 (2011).pdf
Damage from Localized Flooding, FEMA 511 (2005).pdf
Elevated Residential Structures, FEMA 54 (1984).pdf
Elevating You Flood Prone House, FEMA Homeowner’s Guide To Retrofitting.pdf
Homeowner's Guide to Retrofitting, Six ways to protect your home from flooding.pdf
Local Mitigation Strategy Plan.pdf
Mitigation of Flood and Erosion Damage to Residential buildings in Coastal Areas, FEMA 257 (1994).pdf
Protecting Building Utilities From Flood Damage, FEMA P-348 (1999).pdf
Protecting Floodplain Resources-A Guidebook For Communities.pdf
Protecting Manufactured Homes from Floods and Other Hazards, FEMA P-85 (2009).pdf

Flood Publications

Using Google Earth and Flood Maps.pdf


Future Land Use Map - May 2015.pdf
Wind Speed Maps.pdf
Zoning Atlas Map (3-23-16).pdf

Zoning Applications

Agent Authorization Form (May 2016) Fillable.pdf
Appeal from the decision of the Board of Adjustment to the Board of County Commissioners.pdf
Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application (June 2015) Fillable.pdf
Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment Application Fillable (March 2016).pdf
Division of Land Application (April 2016).pdf
Land Development Regulation Text Amendment Application (December 2015) Fillable.pdf
Minor Subdivision Application (May 2015) Fillable.pdf
PRD Application (January 2016).pdf
RV Special Temp Use Application (July 2015).pdf
Sign Codes-Ordianance.pdf
Site & Development Plan Application (Aug 2016) Fillable.pdf
Site Specific Amendment to the Official Zoning Atlas (Rezoning) Application (June 2015) Fillable.pdf
Special Exception Application (Aug 2016) Fillable.pdf
Special Family Lot Application (May 2016) Fillable.pdf
Special Family Lot Permit Affidavit (September 2015).pdf
Special Permit Application (November 2015).pdf
Special Temporary Use Permit 5yr Family Residence Affidavit (September 2015) Fillable.pdf
Special Temporary Use Permit Application (May 2016) Fillable.pdf
Special Temporary Use Permit Application for Special Event (September 2015) Fillable.pdf
Subdivision Application (May 2015).pdf
Submittal Guidelines for Development.pdf
Variance Application (May 2015) Fillable.pdf


The Building Inspection Office

The Building Inspection Office is responsible for the examination of building plans and specifications to insure structural soundness and conformity with the adopted building codes and the issuance of building permits. The office is also responsible for the review of applications for mobile home permits. On site inspections are made at several different times during the building process to insure that construction or installation is in compliance with all adopted codes. The office also answers any code questions that may arise either by telephone or personal contact. The Building Department is also responsible for the licensing of contractors and specialty contractors within Columbia County; this is done through the Competency Advisory Board.

Request Inspection By Phone

Before calling, please make sure you have ready:
  1. your permit number
  2. the inspection needed
  3. the date requested
For culvert or a culvert waiver inspections call 386-758-1019.
For septic release needed for permanent power call 386-758-1058
For building permit inspection call 386-758-1008.
For after hours inspections call 386-758-1124.

NOTE: After hours inspections will be received the next business day, then scheduled for the following business day. Emergencies will be inspected as soon as possible.

Must give 24 hours notice


Columbia County Competency Advisory Board

Chairman - David Mangrum
Walt Graham
Todd Hunt
Harry Moseley
Terry Zierke

These boards meets every fourth (4th) Monday of each month at 1:00 p.m. at the Columbia County Administrative Office:
135 NE Hernando Ave Suite B-21
Building Zoning Department

Columbia County Board of Adjustment and Planning Zoning Board

ChairmanRobert Jordan
Member Earl Peeler
Teena Ruffo
Roger Busscher
County PlannerBrandon Stubbs - (386)754-7119
County Attorney Joel Foreman - (386)752-8420

Planning and Zoning provides various services to the County which entails providing technical, professional and administrative support to various boards, Board of Adjustment, Planning and Zoning Board, Board of County Commissioners and the general public. This department implements and enforces the Columbia County Land Development Regulations, monitors and updates the County's Comprehensive Plan.

The board meets every fourth (4th) Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Columbia County School Board Administrative complex:
372 West Duval Street
Lake City, Florida 32055

Now you can download meeting agendas and minutes directly from our site. To view a listing of current and previous months meetings, please click the link below.

Meeting Notices