Water and Sewage Service - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to do to open an account for water, sewer service?

You can apply for service at the Utility Customer Service office located in the Public Works Department at 607 NW Quinten St. Lake City, Fl 32055. Our office hours are from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m Monday through Friday You can also call us at (386) 719-7565 between those same hours.

By Mail
Written request for new service or transfer of service should be mailed to:

Columbia County
Utilities Customer Services
P O Box 969
Lake City, Florida 32056-0969

Written requests must include a completed residential application or a commercial application.

By Fax
You can request a transfer of your utility account by FAX. FAX the completed form to (386) 758-2148. Deposits for new accounts must be received before new service can be initiated.

Q: What is the amount of a deposit?

For residential service inside the City the deposit is $50.00 for water $70.00 for sewer. You may contact the Utility Customer Service Department at (386) 719-7565 for more information.

Q: Where can I pay my bill in person and are there alternate payment methods?

In Person

Payments can be made in person at the Utility Customer Service Department in the Public Works Department at 607 NW Quinten St. Lake City, Fl 32055. Please remember to write your account number on your check to ensure your account is properly credited.

Q: How do I terminate my account?

In Person

You may come to Public Works Department during our business hours to fill out a termination of service form or call us at (386) 719-7565. You will need your forwarding address, social security number, forwarding phone number & the date you would like service to be disconnected.

By Fax or Mail

You may also have your service turned off by faxing to (386) 719-58370r mailing a written request to:

Columbia County Utilities
Utility Customer Services
P O Box 969
Lake City, Florida 32056-0969

Q: What do I need to do about changing my mailing address?

You may change the mailing address your bill is sent to by calling the Utility Customer Service Department at (386) 719-7565  between the hours of 7:70 am -4:30 pm Monday -Friday. Or, by sending the request in writing to P O Box 969
Lake City, Florida 32056-0969. You may also fill out the change of address form located on the back of your utility bill.

Q: How often willi be billed?

Once per month you will be issued a bill that is due (20) days from the date of billing.

Q: What happens if I do not pay my bill?

Each consumer shall be billed 1 (once) each month for all water, sewer service consumed the preceding month, which charges shall be due and payable immediately and deemed delinquent if not paid within 20 days (twenty days) of the billing date. After the 20th day the Customer Service Department shall notify the customer in writing of the delinquency and establish a date not less than 10 days (ten days) after the notice date by which the delinquency must be satisfied. Each delinquent consumer's account shall receive a delinquency fee equal to the greater amount of five percent of such delinquent consumer's total utility charges for all services or $4.00. If your bill is not paid (30) days from the time of billing the service will be disconnected for non-payment and will not be restored until the account balance is paid in full along with a $50.00 per service reconnection charge.

Q: Who do I call if I want to dig in my yard and am not sure if utilities lines exist where I want to dig?

Digging in unmarked ground is very dangerous Call 811 to have utility lines marked before you dig.

Electric, gas, water and wastewater service lines, as well as telephone and cable television lines are almost certainly buried near your property. Guard against potentially fatal injuries, or at the very least from disrupting utility services, by calling a toll-free number to have the facility locations marked above ground.

Sunshine State One Call of Florida, Inc., was organized to protect you and those facilities Your single call will alert all member operators in your area and they will respond within 48 hours to mark the location of their facilities -FREE!

Call 811 before you dig! Visit the Sunshine State One Call Web site and learn more about their FREE utility marking service

Q: How often is my meter read for billing?

Your meter will be read once per month.

Q: What do I do if I believe my meter to be misread?

Please contact the Utility Customer Service Department at (386) 719-7565 to have a field service representative come to your home to re-read your meter and check for a leak. To reread a water meter, only based upon a request from a consumer, the fee shall be $35.00 for each time a request is made to reread the water meter. If it is found that your meter was misread in error your account will be credited for the correction and no fee will apply.