Do I have to connect?

Choose an option to determine whether connecting is required or not:

Current Residents

If utility service is available to a lot in the Service Area and the lot has an existing residential building and that structure is connected to a well or a septic system…

Then connection will be required only if

  • your well or septic tank fails requiring a new permit
  • your well becomes contaminated
  • a permit is requested
  • there is a change in ownership *
  • there is a public health risk
* Change in ownership does not include inheritance

Non Residential and New Construction

Nonresidential buildings or structures and buildings or structures, including residential, built subsequent to the effective date (7/26/10)…

Will be required to be connected

  • to the County Water System and/or County Sewer System…before a building permit or other appropriate permit shall be issued by the County.
  • All non-residential establishments are required to connect within six months of service availability.
Amendment to Connection Ordinance: 2010-14