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    J. Doyle Crews, Certified Florida Appraiser

Click here to visit the Property Appraiser Web site!

Office Hours:  8:30 – 4:30 Monday – Friday

As your Property Appraiser, I am charged by the Florida Constitution with placing fair, equitable and just value on all property in Columbia County.  The Property Appraiser’s Office does not determine your taxes.

To maintain an acceptable quality of life in Columbia County, local governments need revenue.  Your property taxes partially support public education, law enforcement, fire safety, street maintenance, park and recreation areas and other services.

The various taxing authorities set the yearly tax, or millage rate.  Columbia County taxing authorities include the city and county commissions, the school board, water management districts, the industrial development authority and the hospital authority.  Once the tax rate is set, it is applied to your property value.  Then, your property tax is computed.

The Property Appraiser’s office keeps all appraisals up-to-date and on permanent file.  You have a right under Florida’s Public Records Law to inspect these records.


Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 1907
Lake City, FL 32056-1907

Temp Location:
1701 US Highway 90 West
Lake City, Florida 32055




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